About Us

R. Is a Portuguese brand that produces leather accessories in Studio. Proudly produced in Portugal


Handcrafted with the finest materials, executed according to age old precepts of mastery.

From the craftswoman’s hands and according to the customer’s wishes, unique pieces take form, customized and personalized.
Is a brand that finds its place in an economic tendency that intends to rescue old crafts, rich with tradition, almost extinct, but representing a strong contribution in perpetuating the cultural heritage.

Work developed in the present goes to and returns from the past seeking inspiration in the ethnographic tradition, as is the case of embroidery.

It is therefore our choice to use it, frequently, as our brand impression, opting as well, for a more sustainable path. We disagree with the production of stocks and act in accordance with a logic of market acquisition without waste creation.

Rosa Diniz

In this light the project emerges from the hands of Rosa Diniz, born in Lisbon, who has always developed a taste for and the execution of the Applied Arts, with a particular focus on the tapestry of Arraiolos. She graduated as a Managing Producer from the National Theatre and Film School in Lisbon. She has constantly developed throughout her professional life, working in the areas of Art, Culture and Education. Also part of her education are the Dance School at the National Conservatory and the Jewelry Program of Escola António Arroio.

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